Puppies and Pythons – First Meeting of Autumn Term 2019

All our sections met back on Thursday 5th September for our first meeting of the term, and we were delighted to welcome three new members to the group. It is also great to see how much the group has grown recently: on Thursday we had thirteen Beavers, twelve Cubs and seven Scouts. With more members, the atmosphere of the meeting was excellent – a perfect way to start the new term, with an excellent weekly programme and events for all sections!

To reintroduce all of our members, we started with a whole-group ‘teambuilding’ exercise: following our camp last weekend – ‘The Beast’ – there was a lot of equipment that needed transporting from the car to our storage loft. Fortunately, a group of 32 enthusiastic Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in an efficient human chain made light work of this task!

Beavers & Cubs – Puppies & Pythons

Both the Beavers and Cubs spent the evening working on the Animal Friend (Beavers) and Animal Carer (Cubs) badges. However, the Cubs had to settle the vital task of choosing the sixers for the term before discussing the different kind of pets they had and how they look after them. The Beavers also shared all the pets they have at home and what pets they may like, with some interesting suggestions.

The Beavers learnt about how to care for different animals, including dogs and fish, from our in-house animal expert Jasmine. There was certainly lots of equipment for them to get to grips with, from dog grooming brushes to fish tank filters. Some of them had the opportunity to prove their skills with a net by helping Jasmine to catch the fish before they helped clean the fish tank (they were plastic, so no fish were harmed during this activity!)

Both the Beavers and Cubs got to meet the 28th Bournemouth’s resident dog, Buckley, as well as the charming Salazar, a four-foot Royal Python. Meeting Salazar was undoubtedly rewarding for them, and they asked some excellent questions, such as: “How do snakes smell?” and “Do they lose their teeth?”. The leaders were more concerned with how they poo. Joking aside, It was terrific to see our new cohort of members so enthusiastic and interested to learn new things.

Scouts – Geocaching & Teambuilding

The Scouts spent the evening much differently, learning about the Global Positioning System (GPS) and how to use a GPS device. They practised their new skills by searching for one of the local ‘Geocaches’ in Boscombe. Their skills were clearly on point, as they found it (hidden under a rock!) and filled out the logbook inside.

Elated at successfully finding the cache, the Scouts returned to the hall to practice a team building challenge in preparation for the Challenge Weekend on the 11th – 13th October. This week’s challenge: all stand on a groundsheet and turn it over… without touching the floor! They did this successfully, which is excellent news – it’s high time that the 28th won the Challenge Weekend!

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