Where to? Navigator Badge!

This week, we were delighted to have a other great turnout, with fourteen Beavers, eleven Cubs and fourteen Scouts. We were also pleased to welcome three new members along to their first meeting with us – Welcome!

All the sections had a busy evening working on the Navigator Badge…

Beavers – Navigator Stage 1

To give them a taste of using maps and navigation, the Beavers took a trip to King’s Park. They used simple maps to help them navigate around the park and mark the locations of different points. During their trip, they also saw the train go under the bridge and even met a Scotsman in full Highland dress.

Cubs – Navigator Stage 2

The Cubs practised their map skills by completing activities on different bases. They used Ordnance Survey (OS) maps to learn how the grid system works and how to take a four-figure grid reference. On another base, they independently made their own compasses and did well without having any leaders to help them! After this, all the cubs drew their own maps, to show how to get from any one point to another in the local area – they looked well thought out too.

To end, Akela organised a spot-game of ‘Pet Pictionary’ to recap some of the things they learnt last week for the Animal Carer badge.

Scouts – Navigator Stage 3

To enhance their map skills, the Scouts recapped how the map’s grid system worked and how to take a six-figure grid reference, which – on an OS Explorer Map – is accurate to 100m. They also learnt how to orientate maps using a compass, recognise some of the different symbols and how to understand the contour lines – the orange lines which show hills.

To finish their evening, the Scouts did another couple of team building games in preparation for the Challenge Weekend. For their first one, they had to hold hands and turn around without letting go; for the second one, they had to escape from a hula hoop.

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