The meeting began with another excellent turnout to continue the term, also welcoming another new starter to our Cubs section. Each of the sections were learning some of the key skills associated with Scouting as part of our varied and exciting programme for this term.

Beavers – Navigator Stage 1

The Beavers were introduced to navigation with something familiar to them: their homes. Their first activity was to draw a map of their own house that others could follow to navigate from their bedroom to the front door. They did an excellent job too!

After making their maps, the Beavers practised telling the time by playing a game on a giant clock face, before also practising their compass skills by playing North, South, East, West! To say the Beavers learn a lot in a meeting would seem to be an understatement – Well done to you all!

Cubs – Navigator Stage 2

The Cubs also continued with their Navigator badge. As some of the Cubs found drawing maps of the local area tricky last week, we took them on a a walk from the Hall to the local library and back to learn the route before they had a go at putting it on a map of their own. While on the walk, we learnt how to follow a SatNav’s walking instructions and discussed the distances, directions and timings involved in navigating like this. Some of you also pleasantly surprised us with your maths skills – Well Done!

While at the library, Akela had another surprise for the Cubs. From her subtle pink backpack emerged eleven unassuming items – a banana, a map, a pencil… that kind of thing. The Cubs’ task: to try an memorise all those items and guess correctly in two minutes. The results were interesting!

Scouts – Emergency Aid Stage 3

The Scouts spent the evening preparing for another aspect of the Challenge Weekend – First Aid. They started by making sure they knew how to contact the emergency services – either 111 for general advice or 999 in an emergency. Following this, they learnt what to do if they were faced with somebody who is unconscious – Dr ABC (checking for Danger, trying for a Response, checking the Airways, Breathing and Circulation). How to deal with bleeding, choking , burns, hypothermia and heat exhaustion were also covered during the evening. Wow – that is a lot of learning!!

They finished the evening with another team building exercise, but in keeping with the theme of the night. The challenge was to make a stretcher that could be used to safely transport a casualty, using wooden poles, coats and blankets.

Of course, First Aid is one of the most important skills that anyone – young or old – can learn, as their First Aid skills could potentially save someone’s life. We hope that the Scouts will remember what they have learnt and make sure they take up any opportunity – in Scouting or otherwise – to learn more and enhance their skills.

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