Worth a ‘Shot’ – Photographer Badge part 1

We were delighted to welcome another great turnout of members for our meeting at the Hall on Thursday evening for our Beavers and Cubs, while the Scouts were on their visit to Warhammer (something for the younger sections to look forward to in future years)! For the Beavers and Cubs, there was lots of activities during the meeting, with lots of opportunities for them to share their experiences and learn new things too!

The Beavers and Cubs sections were mixed. As a Group, we like to do this sometimes as it gives the members of different sections the chance to interact and work with each other, reminding everyone in the Group that were are just that; a Group. The Photographer Badge is a great opportunity for this, which we will cover over two meetings. This week, the activities were split into five bases:

Smartphone Base

At this base, members worked with me (Toby) and discussed what we may like to take pictures of and how we may share pictures. We also discussed the differences between photo and video and how we may use a smartphone to capture these, using our big (hand-drawn) smartphone to help us. We also learnt what all those nasty and complicated buttons do and how some of them can help us, like turning the flash on if it’s dark and pressing ‘gallery’ to see the pictures we have already taken. Some groups even discussed how panoramas work, animation and the aspect ratio of pictures – I was amazed with the knowledge of some of our young members!

Paper Plates

Of course, this wasn’t just paper plates. With the skillful support of Rosalind and Amelia, members at this base were creating their own masks which we will use in the next meeting to help us take some interesting photos.


At this base, each of our members learnt how to say their initials in British Sign Language – or BSL – with the help of Gemma and Jasmine, who is also new to our Group, as a volunteer, but already a huge asset with many great skills to offer! Once they had mastered their initial in BSL, they photographed their achievements.

Of course, learning BSL is in itself a worthy skill to learn. Using a combination of hand gestures, body positions and facial expressions, BSL can allow communication with those who are deaf of may have alternative communication needs. Up to 145,000 people speak using BSL in the UK alone, including 20,000 children!


At Mike and Steph’s base, the members took it in turns to have their photographs taken, but in thirds. First, their heads, with a blanket covering the rest, then their middle and then their legs. This may sound strange, but when these are printed, they can be cut up and our Group will have its very own version of the ‘misfits’ game!

Funny Photos

This really needs no explanation. At Akela and Josh’s base, they thought it would be fun to put out a whole load of equipment, from tennis balls to hula hoops, and allow the members to create their own artistic designs to photograph. We were quite impressed with the creativity of some of our members, with some truly ‘ funny’ photos in every different respect. These photos will be used later on in the year to produce calendars for next year.

We will continue with the Photographer Badge in our next meeting, but in the meantime we encourage all our members to check out the requirements for the badge and keep practicing with the cameras and smartphones at home.

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