Scouts Warhammer Visit

On Thursday, the members of our Scout section visited the Bournemouth Warhammer store on Commercial Road for an opportunity new to the 28th Bournemouth. For Scout Groups, Warhammer offers visits to its stores where it will show the how to make and paint models – including creating special effects – and how to play the game with the models. The visit to Warhammer also contributes to their Model Maker badge.

Created by Rick Priestley in 1983, Warhammer is a mini tabletop battle game played using models made by the players. The game has a fantasy theme, with elements such as wizards, dragons and magic spells – inspired by the fantasy worlds of J. R. R. Tolkein and Michael Moorcock. With the tabletop battlefield is set up with buildings, trees and other scenery as the players wish, the outcomes of ‘fights’ between models are determined by combinations of dice roles and some simple arithmetic.

The Scouts were first shown some Warhammer models and given kits to start putting together. With careful guidance, all the Scouts had a go at cutting out the pieces and assembling the kits into models. Once they had mastered a simple kit, the Scouts were given some more challenging kits to have a go at, this time without any guidance, to see if they could do it – which they could (of course)!

Once the models were made, the Scouts were taken to the ‘game table’ where they learnt the rules of the game before splitting into two teams and playing two matches. Before long, they were battling it out and winning many points.

Once they had played two games, the people from Warhammer demonstrated the painting of models, including the skillful techniques used to create different effects, for example ‘new’ and ‘battle worn’.

Finally, Warhammer donated to the 28th a kit to keep at the hall, containing some beginner’s guides, models and a set of modelling paints. We greatly thank Warhammer for having our Scouts and donating this to our group – they had a great time on Thursday evening and we hope to return for more in the future.

To complete their Model Maker badges, next week the Scouts will make a presentation about the experience to the rest of the Group and show us all their models.

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