Dr ABC – Emergency Aid Night

This week were were pleased with another fantastic turnout, with six Scouts, eleven Cubs and twelve Beavers. All our members had another very busy night, whether they were learning how to save someone’s life or how to get on with each other.

Beavers – Learning important skills

The Beavers spent the evening learning some important life Skills, as well as an important skill for their time in Scouting: rolling their scarves. Mike showed them how to roll their own 28th scarf like experts! They then worked together to complete jigsaw puzzles and practice their all-important teamwork skills. To finish the evening, they finished by learning a new Beaver song, which they picked up well but will keep on practising.

Cubs – Emergency Aid stage 2

To get nice and worn out, the Cubs started with a series of competitive relay races, including the gripping ‘egg and spoon’. After assessing the curious nature of their approaches to keeping the egg on the spoon, we wore them out by making them run around and around and around until they were totally out of breath – BUT, there was a reason for this:

Tonight, the Cubs were learning about Asthma, so it was useful for them to feel what it would be like to be hard to breath. While out of breath, Jasmine asked them to try breathing while curling themselves up in a tight ball, to try and feel the difficulty that those with asthma could feel and the affect this has on the lungs. They also explored some of the equipment that those with asthma may use to help them and – importantly – how to give aid to someone having an asthma attack.

Scouts – Emergency Aid stage 3

The Scouts continued their theme of Emergency Aid tonight by first exploring the contents of our Group’s First Aid kit, discussing what each item was, what it was for and how to use it appropriately. They spent the rest of the evening learning how to come to the aid of an unconscious person, reflecting on the Dr ABC procedure they discussed in the previous Emergency Aid meeting. They also practised putting somebody into the recovery position, although some of the Scouts found the delicate task of playing an unconscious person to be counterproductively amusing, perhaps suggesting that an unconscious person may burst into a spontaneous giggle fit! They did, however, all prove they could put someone in a recovery position, showing that they had learnt a vitally important, lifelong and potentially life saving skill.

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