Cut! – Photographer Badge part 2

We had another great turnout on Thursday’s meeting, which is great to see – especially from those members who are new to us this term. The evening was action-packed and, once again, the Beavers and Cubs joined forces to work towards their Photographer Badges.

Beavers & Cubs – Photographer Badge

The Beavers and Cubs came together tonight to complete the parts of the Photographer Badge that can be completed together in meetings. This included editing the photos they took last time using a smartphone, discussing collections of photographs and also using a jigsaw puzzle to understand the ‘stop motion’ technique (below).

As well as this, they also had another practice with British Sign Language, this time learning the signs for some Christmas songs in preparation for the Cub Carol Concert this Christmas.

Stop Motion Jigsaw – Group 1
Stop Motion Jigsaw – Group 2

To find out more about the Photographer Badge, including the aspects that can be completed at home, please find the information here – we would love as many of our members as possible to earn this badge to help fill up those left sleeves!!

Scouts – Model Painting

The Scouts spent the evening examining the contents of the Warhammer set donated to the Group by Warhammer following the Scouts’ recent visit to the store on Commercial Road. After constructing some of the models, the Scouts also starter the delicate tasks of painting them, using some of the fascinating techniques that they were shown when they visited the store. We are all curious to see the full set of models once they are finished!

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