A Very ‘Buzzy’ Meeting

Our meeting on the 24th October was yet another busy one for all of our young members. From First Aid, religious festivals and electronics, lots of learning new skills was going on. We were also pleased to welcome four new young people to try out our Group and we hope that you had a great evening with us.

Beavers – Diwali

The Beavers spent the evening learning about the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, which is celebrated this year on Sunday 27th October. They talked about the festivals of Christianity, then considered how others often follow different religions, believe in different things and celebrate different festivals to us.

To help them understand where Diwali originates from, they had a go at finding India on the world map and they eventually found it! They then had the opportunity to get creative by making their own diwali lanterns, with colours card, pom poms, felt tips and lots of glitter at their disposal…

Cubs – First Aid

The Cubs started the evening by reflecting on a very important and relevant issue – bullying. As a group, they discussed what bullying is, what kind of words and actions may be classed as bullying and how we can treat others respectfully and not become a bully. The Cubs were also reminded that, in our Group, respect is a top priority – we are a team, and bullying just will not be tolerated at the 28th.

After this important chat, they spent the evening practising the all important skills of emergency First Aid that they have been learning about during this term. In rotating groups, they: practised their DrABC (danger, response, airways, breathing, circulation) to help an unconscious person; practised putting someone in the recovery position; learnt how to treat burns; examined the contents of a first and kit are and how to use them; and learnt about the circulation system and why it is important to stop somebody bleeding as quickly as possible.

The Cubs finished off the night by heading downstairs to make their own Diwali lanterns.

Scouts – Making Morse Machines

To start the meeting, the Scouts – like the Cubs – revisited some of the First Aid skills that they have been practising over the term, including DrABC and practising Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on the Group’s ‘Anne’.

The Resusci Anne is a specially-made dummy for practising CPR. The face of these dummies are based on the death mask of L’Inconnue de la Seine, the unidentified young woman who drowned in the River Seine in Paris during the 1880s.

For the rest of the evening, the Scouts made their very own Morse Code machines, negotiating many batteries, buzzers, cable ties and wires… all while being very careful around the soldering irons. Fortunately, their Morse keys worked brilliantly: so brilliantly, that the cacophony of buzzing and beeping could be heard outside the room! The Scouts must keep their completed Morse keys safe, because they will need to bring them back with them after half term as they will be using their homemade machines to learn and practise some Morse Code!

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